The Minister of Presidential Affairs

Hon. Frans Kapofi
Minister of Presidential Affairs

To assist the President, both technically and administratively, to effectively exercise his roles and responsibilities as Head of State and Government. Functions

  • Present and defend the annual budgets of the Office of the President, the National Planning Commission and the Auditor-General in Parliament;
  • Table Bills emanating from the Office of the President in Parliament;
  • Table Statutory Reports emanating from the Office of the President in Parliament;
  • Respond to Parliamentary questions related to the Office of the President;
  • Prepare Cabinet Submissions emanating from the Office of the President;
  • Co-ordinate Presidential speeches, when delegated to do so;
  • Meeting with Presidential Envoys at the direction of the President;
  • Accompany His Excellency on local and international trips when directed;
  • Meet with the management cadres on a regular basis;
  • Facilitate correspondence with other Offices/Ministries/Agencies, private sector and individuals on various issues of governmental affairs;
  • At the request of the President, deliver speeches and meet with members of the public on his behalf;
  • At the request of His Excellency the President, meet with learners and other institutions on his behalf;
  • Attend workshops and seminars;
  • Provide constitutional and legal advice to the President in particular and government in general in his capacity as Attorney-General, and
  • As a national leader assigned to one of Namibia‚Äôs thirteen Regions, co-ordinate with Regional and Local Authority structures in such region.