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Department: State House and Administration

Mr. Mbumba Erastus Haitengela
Deputy Permanent Secretary
  • Provide services to support operations of the Office of the President. This includes budgeting, accounting, Human Resources Management and organizational procedures implementation.
  • Provide logistical materials, equipment, transport services, record management, secretariat function, information technology, auxiliary services, and maintenance and household services.

This Directorate comprises of three Divisions namely; General Services, Household Services and Maintenance.


The General Services Division comprises of the following Sub-divisions:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Training
  • Auxiliary Services and
  • Information Technology.
Sub-division: Human Resources
  • Facilitate recruitment and promotion of personnel.
  • Attend to staff matters such as appointments, pension admission, leave gratuity and analyze staff training needs in consultation with the training officer and training committee.
  • Interpret rules and regulations of the Public Service of Namibia such as Public Service Act, 1995 (Act 13 of 1995), Labour Act 1992 (Act 6 of 1992), State Finance Act 1991 (Act 31 of 1991) Affirmative Action Act, 1998 (Act 29 of 1998), Social Security Act, 1994 (Act 34 of 1994) and other relevant pieces of legislation.
  • Ensure information dissemination of staff service benefits and conditions of service to staff members.
  • Take disciplinary actions against staff members who violate staff rules and regulations.
  • Advise the Accounting officer on the Public Service Policies, Staff Rules, Codes and Regulations.
Sub-division: Auxiliary Services

To facilitate, monitor and manage all activities regarding the supplies of goods and services in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated in the Treasury Instructions, State Finance Act and Stock Control Manual. The Sub-division Auxiliary Services consist of four (4) Sections, namely the Asset Management (Stock Control), Transport, Procurement and Office Services. The Section: Office Services consists of five Sub-Sections namely; Secretariat Services and Typing Pool, Switchboard, Main Registry, Messengers and Work hand.

  • Provide efficient services and goods for the Office.
  • Ensure availability of adequate logistics stock for the smooth running of the Office.
  • Responsible for tender administration as well as contract management.
  • Control and safe keeping of stock and equipment.
  • Ensure a proper record management and other archival services.
  • Provide secretarial, transport and cleaning services for the Office.
  • Maintain the switchboard and photocopiers machines.
  • Processing of all payments for goods and services rendered to the Office.
Sub-division: Finance

To manage the Finances of the office of the President effectively.

  • Payment of Creditors, Remuneration and the Subsistence and Travel Allowance;
  • Recovery of money owed to the Office such as the Subsistence and Traveling debts, private telephone calls, damages to government vehicle, overpayment on remuneration, lost items etc.;
  • Debit Acceptances from Offices /Ministries/Agencies and forward Debit Acceptances to Offices /Ministries/Agencies when necessary;
  • Issue Tax Certificates and rectify wrong information on tax certificates;
  • Reconciliation of suspense accounts as well as expenditure accounts and compile correction journals when need arises;
  • Request for the release of funds from the Ministry of Finance on a monthly basis within the limits of appropriation amounts as indicated in the Estimates of Expenditure and Revenue;
  • Request verimentation from Ministry of Finance when need arise;
  • Ensure that appropriated amounts are not exceeded; and
  • Prepare financial statements for the Office of the Auditor- General.
Sub-division: Training

To plan and coordinate with the Training Committee all training activities for staff members in the Office of the President and to ensure that staff members upgrade their competencies and qualifications for personal development and to improve service delivery.

  • Coordinate training activities for all staff members, locally or abroad
  • Analyze training needs in consultation with the Chief Human Resources Practitioner and the Training Committee.
  • Process the applications qualifying and non-qualifying training.
  • Discuss applications in consultation with the Training Committee and make recommendations to the Permanent Secretary for final decision.
Sub-division: Information Technology

To assist the Office with all Information Technology needs and advices on both technical and software related issues.

  • Networking Support:
  • Technical Support:
  • Information Technology Committee:
  • Supporting Systems:
  • Website update support

The Division Household Services consist of two Sub-divisions namely; House keeping and Presidential Personal Services and Horticulture.


To render reliable House keeping, Presidential Personal Services and Horticulture to the First Family.

Sub-division: Housekeeping

This Subdivision consists of three sections, namely Laundry and Cleaning Services, Catering Services and Guest House.

  • Do laundry and uphold quality of clothing and linen for the First Family.
  • Maintain cleanness within the premises of the State House and Residence.
  • Prepare menus and food for the First Family and guests.
  • Acquire adequate groceries for the running of State House and First Family activities.
  • Outsource catering and decorating functions for big events such as State Banquets and other important functions.
  • Ensure quality services to State Banquets, Official and Private Dinners, Lunches etc.
  • Attend to national events such Heroes and Independence Days as a member of Catering Sub- Committee.
  • Record drinks and food items in the counter book.
  • Coordinate events with the Protocol Department - Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Coordinate the purchase of staff uniforms.
  • Prepare activity plan for the Division.
  • Coordinate Divisional-training needs.
  • Draft Divisional budget.
Sub-division: Presidential Personal Services and Horticulture

This Sub-division consists of two sections namely; Presidential Personal Affairs and First Lady Section.


To enhance a positive image of the Office of the President. Maintain the Office of the President and its facilities. The Division consists of two sub-divisions namely: Electrical /Mechanical and Civil.

Sub-division: Electrical /Mechanical

Responsible for all electrical and mechanical repairs, installations and services in the Office of the President.

Sub-division Civil

Responsible for all civil works, repairs and maintenance in the Office of the President in Windhoek, Oshakati, Swakopmund Guest house, Guinaspoh farm and Okanghudi.

  • To provide reliable, timely and safe ground transport for the President, visiting Heads of State and Government as well as other Dignitaries in consultation with the Government Garage.
  • To ensure that the Administration of the Office of the President/State House has fleet/vehicles.
  • Ensure the availability of ground transport for the President at all times;
  • Ensure the availability of ground transport for the Office Administration including The Offices of the Founding President, Cabinet and First Lady;
  • Ensure that vehicles allocated to the Presidential Motorcade are well looked after, maintained and are in a good and safe state of repair at all times;
  • Coordinate with the Protocol Department of Foreign Affairs and the work shifts of VIP Drivers with VIPPD – NAMPOL;
  • Attend to schedules of the President’s guests.